Charles Colston Jr.


I was first introduced to the basics of firearms marksmanship in high school as a member of the school’s rifle team. I later joined the Army National Guard at the age of 17 entering basic training the summer before I turned 18. During my two-year career with the Army, I became an expert marksman . I then joined the United States Marine Corps completing boot camp for the second time. After the best firearms training in the world I continued to soar through the rankings of an expert shooter.  While in the military, I served in Beirut, Lebanon before getting transferred to the Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia.  After several major events around the world, the Marine Corps started the Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Atlantic. I became one of the first firearm instructors selected for the new training facility. In efforts to perfect my craft I attended firearms marksmanship training at the American Pistol Institution (Gun-site) in Paulden, Arizona. I trained under the one of the best known firearm instructors Mr. Jeff Cooper. In addition, I attended a instructor training in Quantico, Virgina and many other federal and civilian firearms training courses.

I was recognized by my commanding officers and staff as being a great asset in the successful and safe marksmanship training of over 4,000 Marines and Sailors including women.  I was selected as one of the first instructors for the Marine Corps Security Force Mobile Training Team. During the program, my special assignments included training at the Marines Security Detail at the Presidential Retreat in Camp David as well as Naval Support Activity in Naples, Italy.

After returning from the Desert Storm conflict, I was honorably discharged a few months later.  I have received awards and recognition as an expert marksman for over 35 years. My training and marksmanship gave me the opportunity to be selected as one the first Air Marshal’s hired to prevent a recurrence of 911. During the course of my career path, I continued to provided marksmanship training to men and women seeking improvement in personal firearms skills and knowledge.  I have completed three federal training academies, and recently graduated from a local Law enforcement academy since my federal retirement.

During my career,  I have had the great honor to protect American interest, civilians, air carriers and passengers around the world before retiring with a combined 31 years of government service.

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